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TENSEI™ AV Series Orange Overview

The next generation of AV Orange has arrived. The mid-launching, low-spinning TENSEI AV Series Orange – the color always associated with our counterbalanced profiles – is here and brings with it the added stability of aluminum vapor, but also improved feel and increased strength provided by our breakthrough Xlink Tech Resin System.
Long Description

The mid-launching, low-spinning TENSEI AV Series Orange is the latest evolution of our TENSEI Orange profile. Each successive profile builds on lessons learned since the introduction of the previous model. TENSEI AV Series Orange takes the ultra-successful AV RAW Orange structure and adds our new Xlink Tech Resin System to increase carbon fiber volume for better feel while adding overall strength.

Orange is the color of our counterbalance profiles. Additional material is concentrated handle side to increase stability and weight under the hands to allow the club head to move faster. The incorporation of Aluminum Vapor and Xlink Tech brings the stability and feel required when moving the club head at faster speeds.

Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Orange Wood Shaft 0.335

  • Choose what adapter you require and what grip you would like and we will custom build the shaft to suit.

    If you require a length different from standard, or any shaft tipping let us know when checking out or by email. 

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