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TENSEI™ AV Series Blue Overview

TENSEI is all about continual technological innovation and AV Series Blue is an important evolution to our TENSEI AV RAW Blue line. Using the same structure as the super-popular AV RAW Blue, AV Series Blue adds our Xlink Tech Resin System into the equation. The incorporation of Xlink Tech Resin System allows the shaft's carbon fiber volume to drastically increase to improve feel all while increasing the overall strength of the shaft. It still uses our Aluminum Vapor in the handle to create outstanding stability.

Key Features Include:
- Xlink Tech Resin System to drastically improve feel and increase strength
- Aluminum Vapor in handle for stability
- Consistent mid launch, mid spin performance

Who should play it? Golfers who have enjoyed Blue profiles in the TENSEI line would benefit from the addition of the Xlink Tech Resin System in AV Series Blue.

Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Blue Wood Shaft 0.335

  • Choose what adapter you require and what grip you would like and we will custom build the shaft to suit.

    If you require a length different from standard, or any shaft tipping let us know when checking out or by email. 

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